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updated – September 10, 2016


Welcome to Corinthian Corsos, One of the top Cane Corso Breeders. We are breeders of the rare Italian Mastiff most of all known as the Cane Corso.  Striving to breed dogs of superior type with equally stable temperaments.  As a result, we are extremely selective about which dogs we allow in our breeding program. Very proud to host some of the top Italian lines in the world today.

Each litter of Cane Corso pups we sell inspire high standards therefore improving the breed here in America and likewise the rest of the World.

A Cane Corso is a very social dog and should be a member of your family, not just another kennel dog. We take raising our puppies very seriously and as a result only plan a few litters a year. Our goal is to give each puppy the best possible start in life with maximum human contact. It requires a lot of time and socialization equally from the breeder to produce a truly confident Cane Corso. Purchasing a Cane Corso is a huge investment of time and money therefore please do your research. Examine the bloodlines before you chose which breeder and puppy is the right one for you. The right bloodlines and early socialization as a result will make a huge difference.

Cane Corsos Available For Everyone

Located in the beautiful pristine Kiamichi Mountains north of Broken Bow, Oklahoma. We serve Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and of course the remainder of the Continental US. If you are interested in purchasing one of our Cane Corso puppies, browse our site also contact us with any questions.

We have worked hard to obtain some of the top bloodlines in the world. This is our passion. If you’re interested in a magnificent, unique Cane Corso then look no further. Our pups are just the breed for you.


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Breeding our Cane Corso puppies grow up to become some of best show dogs and perfect your family